Femur Fervor



A kick in time saves nine

Femur Fervor is a game about a lone, unclad prisoner, escaping an abandoned prison overrun by robots with rather apocalyptic ideals. With nothing but your fists, and oddly stretchy legs, can you escape the prison alive? And if you do, will there be any humans left to hear your tale? Find out in this heart-pounding, butt-clenching, leg extending action-adventure-rogue-unlike-like-melee-shooter-thriller, Femur Fervor!

The Details:

So my game relies on only melee combat. You fight using fists and very long legs. The robots that you face are made up of a set of limbs and weapons. Some of these components will become stronger or cause you damage if you try to attack them with the wrong limb. The idea is that you must use a combination of attacks to take down enemies. You may be able to take out some components from afar with your legs, but in order to take down most robots, you will need to get up close and personal with your fists as well.