Dessert Gulf



This is your journey. A golf journey across a vast dying land. But it is not too late to save this land. It can be sown still. You are it's catalyst. Feed the earth and it will flourish. Your journey is long but not endless.

So push forward.
Find respite in a lone lollipop,
a singular candycane.
Endure the long winter.
When it ends, you will stand
tall upon the fertile lands of tomorrow.


  • Realistic HD graphics: Bleeding edge graphX technology. Fewer distinct pixels means that each pixel is a doorway to another world. **warning** Will melt your fingers if you touch for too long. Will melt your eyes if you look too long.**end warning**
  • Realistic HD physics: U ever seen a ball go through the air in real life? Well sorry, my game doesnt have real life ball physics... it has REALER THAN REAL ball physics.
  • Realistic HD sound: Real life foley of peppermints being hit with golf clubs. Real life foley of real magic glitter. Real life voice acting from THE EARTH ITSELF.
  • Realistic HD seasons and Day/Night cycle: Need i reiterate? This world is real. It is alive. It will change. You will change it.
  • Realistic HD ending: Unlike some similar games, this game does have an ending. You will have to move on. But you won't want to move on. **warning**The game will grow on you. It will become your child. You will have a Dessert Gulf shaped hole in your heart when you leave it behind.**end warning**

[Let me disclaim u real quick: This is a parody and clone of a game about golfing through the desert. I didn't invent this novel gameplay mechanic. I don't even know the guys who did. I implore you to check out this other game about desert golfing. I do, however, take credit for my vastly superior storytelling and environments along with slightly better terrain variety. k?]