I’m Jordan. I’m a game developer and web developer. Welcome to my site.

I work as a web dev at Flickr building a bunch of stuff. I’ve also held paid internships in the past at Yahoo and Teradata. At Yahoo, I designed and built new UIs for Yahoo! Finance. At Teradata, I built a web based sales tool for their sales team, which ended up being used by a bunch of people, which is p cool. I’ve built several sites (including this one) upon NodeJS.

As a game dev, I released a number of mobile games and participated in a few game jams, primarily using Unity 3D. I’ve also dabbled in Javascript game dev using HTML5 canvas. Check out some of my projects below.

I also take part in non-work-related activities such as climbing, playing my guitar, hiking, biking, gaming, meandering, sitting, sleeping, eating etc.